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The skillset required for an online French course is similar to what is required for a traditional classroom-based programme. Some of the skills that candidates aiming to build a career in the French language includes:

  • Passion for learning
  • Dedication and Patience
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Quick learner
  • Good basics of English grammar
  • Good reading, speaking and listening skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Positive mindset
A1 – Introductory
At this level, you are able to comprehend and utilise a few very basic terms that assist in meeting your basic needs (ordering a coffee or a beer for instance). You’re capable of responding to inquiries like “What’s your name?” and “Where do you live?”

A2 – Elementary level
Congratulations, you correctly answered anywhere between 11 and 15 questions! On the european scale, your level is A2 (CEFR). You have a basic vocabulary and can do simple tasks in French at this level. In the UK, many students graduate with this level. It’s a solid start and will undoubtedly enable you to purchase a beer when visiting France!

You understand common sentences that are widely used (e.g. personnal information, questions about shopping, about your immediate environment) You are successful in communicating about everyday situations, well-known subjects, and pressing needs.

As soon as the subject becomes more complicated or unknown, you become easily lost. Another issue is those who speak too quickly.

B1 – Intermediate level
Congratulations, you correctly answered anywhere between 16 and 20 questions! Your grade on the European scale is B1 (CEFR). You are a “independent speaker” since you are speaking at an INTERMEDIATE level.

You understand anything that is said clearly and refers to pretty standard terms (work, education, hobby’s, etc).A French-speaking nation should be simple and trouble-free to travel across. You are able to converse effectively about known subjects and pursuits.

You can give examples of things that happened, how you felt about them, what you wanted to achieve, and why.

B2 – Fluent speaker (independant speaker)
Congratulations, you correctly answered between 21 and 25 questions! The European scale rates you at level B2 at this time (CEFR). As a result, you can speak French fluently.

You understand the essential content of any abstract or pratical communication, even in a complex text with a link to your job and speciality. You feel comfortable engaging in impromptu communication. You can communicate with French folks while working in French without any problems.

You have the ability to communicate clearly and precisely on a variety of subjects. You can express your view on current events and list the benefits and downsides of taking certain action.

C1 – Advances (experimented user)
Congratulations, you correctly answered between 25 and 27 questions! On the european scale, you are at level C1 (CEFR). You now qualify as an “ADVANCED French Speaker”

You understand a large variety of complex and long texts. you grasp implicit meanings. You possess the ability to speak freely and fluently. In your professional, social, and academic lives, you use French effectively and adaptably.

You can talk about almost anything, even difficult subjects, if you frame your speech correctly. You have great influence over the structure and delivery of your speech.